Gotham Properties

Gotham Properties is a brand new website which showcases all of Gotham’s available luxury rental properties in New York City. Users can browse available units for Gotham West, Atlas New York, The Ashland, and The Nicole properties.

Client Challenge

  • Gotham approached Red Sequoia about building out a new website where prospective tenants can come to search all of their availabilities, get a glimpse into all of their buildings, and learn more about Gotham
  • We needed to pull in all available listings from their current leasing management database and showcase the units by building
  • Gotham wanted to highlight units with images and video
  • The site needed to be responsive

The Solution

  • Red Sequoia provided a landing page/homepage that allows the user to filter and search through the current available units across New York City
  • Users can drill down by properties, neighborhood, price, and number of bedrooms
  • Each unit has a detail page with a wealth of information
  • The site also highlights each of the buildings and their unique features
  • Users can browse carousels of images to see actual interiors of available units
  • Also provided Gotham with a master list of all available units in grid format


  • Now Gotham admins only need to update the available unit in the leasing management database and the site will update its data
  • Users are presented with a visually appealing website that serves as a one-stop shop for all available Gotham properties

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Key Features

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Integration with Leasing Management API
  • Photo Galleries
  • Social Media Integration

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development

Technology Stack

  • WordPress