inThought: Application Redesign and Public Launch

inThought Research is a leading provider of analytical, forecasting, and competitive intelligence services in the field of pharmaceutical consulting.

inThought’s technology platform, inVision, allows in-house analysts the ability to provide insight on a large volume of clinical and business data in an organized and streamlined fashion. The intelligence garnered from this research is an integral part of inThought’s consulting offering, helping clients in making key strategic and tactical decisions.

Client Challange:

  • The inVision platform was originally created as an internal project to help in-house analysts move away from relying on customized spreadsheets while conducting their research. The goal of the initial project was to standardize and centralize data capture and analysis for all analysts in the company.
  • Having achieved this goal, InThought was ready to take the system to the next level. They wanted to professionalize the system so that they would be able to share it directly with their clients.  The scope of work for Red Sequoia included fixing existing bugs, implementing desired features, and giving the platform a design overhaul so that it could be relaunched as a client facing platform.

Our Approach:

  • Noticing a lack of tests in the codebase, we immediately began creating a test suite (rspec/capybara) to analyze critical functionality and ensure the codebase would continue to function properly as we moved forward with the implementation plan.
  • We then proceeded to refactor the codebase, starting with the view layer and moving on to models and controllers as needed.
  • Leveraging the TDD (Test Driven Design) approach, we continued to build requested enhancements and fix existing bugs.

Key Functionality:

As part of this project we implemented the following key features:

  • Redesigned entire front-end per Photoshop files and specifications provided by client.
  • Implemented multiple user types along with limited ‘read only’ view for client users.
  • Client User Administration. Created multi-step workflow which allows an Analyst to create an account for a client user and sends them an invite email with their login information.  Administration pages also allow resending the invite email, resetting passwords, and deleting accounts.
  • Content Archive Area. When content is deleted, it is relegated to a browsable ‘archive area’ where it can be subsequently restored.
  • Implemented Multi-File upload supporting up to 200 files and 100MB (integration with Filestack API + S3).
  • Updated and streamlined several user workflows within the system.
  • Security audit and SSL installation. Audited entire application, identified and fixed security vulnerabilities.

At the conclusion of this project, inThought successfully relaunched their platform and introduced it to their existing client base.  The platform was well received by clients, perceiving it as a value add to their existing service contracts.  Additionally, in-house analysts enjoyed the improved workflows, bug fixes, and added features.

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Key Features

  • Authentication and Role Based Permissions
  • Comprehensive Full Text Search
  • Content Archive Area
  • Multi-File Upload Integration with Amazon S3
  • User Administration

Services Provided

  • Web Application Development

Technology Stack

  • Amazon S3
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku
  • Ruby on Rails